Mission load incomplete

I created a mission with terrain awareness, the checklist was ok, but the mission did not loaded well, it was incomplete, as less than the half of the waypoints were not loaded.
I changed the place and located in the highest point, and the same, the mission never loaded properly.
I was operating a single battery mission with an Ipad mini 5, but had to change to and Android phone and it worked well.

What was the size of the flight plan?

The plan was 37 hectares, 16 minutes, and the difference between highest an lowest point was 180 meters.

I believe these characteristics would surpass the waypoint quantity allowance. 180 meters is quite a bit of relief and imagine it creating a point on the flight line every time there is a contour… I don’t know exactly what the limit is but for example Litchi only allows 99. When I fly large maps in only shows a portion of the flight line ever since precise point return was released because it too create intermediate waypoints even on static AGL missions. @Jamespipe?

Thank you, it should be that, besides the hight diference, the terrain was quite uneven.
But the app, should show a warning, because the flight plan was complete in the App.
The static AGL misison worked fine.


If you only see half of the waypoints, that’s because we had to shorten the mission due to the DJI 99 waypoint limit as Michael suggests. The drone will return home to collect the next set of waypoints in this case, and given you will probably still have more than half the battery remaining, you can take off again without swapping.

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The Drone will not return home on its own, that is a dangerous comment to make. If you have a multi battery mission it is very likely that when you load your flight plan you will only see one to two batteries worth of lines but as you do battery swaps you will see the rest of the mission load in section by section

Also I would stay away from terrain awareness. It is not a ready feature and it can be dangerous. Avoid it if you can. Fly safe

Sounds like your bird isn’t set to or just ignores the DJI directive to RTH upon a low battery setting?

This depends on where you fly. It has been stated many times that the surface is not complete and/or not available in all areas. Anyone who just flat out expects something like this to work is asking for it. In Texas it has worked perfectly, but as with any autonomous feature it should be vetted repeatedly in a safe environment.


Thankyou for your advice, I will take the into account. the next flights.

Pedro de Greiff G

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