Mission flown - no still images

Carried out my first mission using the app, ran it twice at different altitudes and overlaps. The mission with the lower altitude and higher overlap recorded no images, just a 9 min .mov file. Any ideas as to why this would be? Is it possible that the mission would have generated too many images so recorded video instead? or is this some other error or user error?

We’ve seen this only once before so far. We thought that what happened was the user accidentally hit the record button on the top right of the remote. We couldn’t think of any other way video could get recorded. Could this have happened? I suppose we could try to keep an eye out for if a user starts the video and stop it during the flight.

I dont think that i hit the record button because i also abandoned a mission just before because it was flying a grid but about 100 meters outside the mission grid, and it has recorded a seperate video for this short flight too.