Mission flown - dissipated pictures locations

Hi please advise what happened since after good start the drone is not taking pictures in straight order (more and more dissipated) . However the final orthophoto result is OK but does this influence quality and what are the reasons for such spread of picture locations?
thanks Tihomir

Sorry this was missed @TihomirS - Our app works by setting a minimum frontlap and sidelap. I’ve seen those gaps before, and the customer did a bit of testing and learned they had worse image capture with a slower SD card. What SD card are you using within your setup?

We use SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSD XC 1 U3.

That sounds like a solid class 10 card, so we can most likely rule that out. Were there any other issues with the flight? GPS or anything like that?

No actually flight went well this is post flight analysis, so we just want to understand the mission and flight result. Is it possible to get this kind of overview in the dashboard since non of them are available at the moment for detailed analysis. (ie. visual flown route, pictures position with dot not rectangle). Without detailed flight data don’t think we’ll not be smarter…

Understood- we’re actively developing flight logs for our dashboard at the moment. Hoping to get them out to customers soon- thank you for your feedback.