Mission flight speed

Summary of Issue:

My DD app shows the flight speed (default) at maximum 15m/s and yet when I fly a mission the actual speed is more like 7 m/s (front overlap at about 90%).

Other flight planning apps provide you with interactive speed advice as you adjust the image overlap ratios.
With DD app the flight speed should be removed as it appears to be irrelevant anyway.

Date Issue Began: - always there

Drone Model: - na

Mobile Device Model and OS version: - na

The max flight speed setting is the upper limit of the speed the drone is allowed to go during the mission and is not intended to increase the drone’s speed.

The actual drone speed is calculated based on your desired overlap while taking your max speed into account if necessary. For example, if your max speed was set to 5 m/s and we calculated that your drone could fly 7 m/s with your overlap settings, we would cap the speed to 5 m/s.

If the calculated speed is less than the specified max speed, the setting will have no effect because the drone will not exceed the max speed.

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Thanks Sean

That is what I had figured anyway and hence my query as to why have a misleading slider as DD sets the flight speed anyway.

Other flight planning apps have this done properly!

I am pursuing all leads as DD has produced missing images and even a whole missing light path of images…
Once again I seem to be doing beta software testing and bug anlaysis for DD…

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