Mission disappears and goes to "manual flight"

I fly with a 2018 iPad Air, with LTE. I have had no real issues until maybe a month ago. On almost every single flight since then, my flight lines don’t show up, or if they do they dissapear mid flight and then DroneDeploy says I am on a manual flight. My live view of the drone works, the live map works, but the flight data (photos, time, etc) all reset. The app itself does not crash.

It is very frustrating. My ipad is up to date, drone up to date, automatic app updates.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I think I had a similar thing happen in this report where the last half/third of my plan didn’t show up, but after a battery swap it magically appeared. I have not seen an instance of the entire map not showing up though except for the black screen.

Thank you for posting to the forum!
Happy to help out with your issue, if you’re interested in reaching out to us at support@dronedeploy.com to discuss in detail.

Right now, the iPad Air is not listed on our recommended device page. Unsupported devices can still work with DroneDeploy, but display may pose some unreliability.