mission aborted and drone hovering

in 2 missions the drone (DJI Phantom 4V2) stopped in the middle of the work and did not continue. I had to bring it down and at each take of the mission it always stopped in the same spot. What can it depend on?

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A couple of things you can check quickly;

  1. Trees, aerials, towers in your flight path - if you drone flies towards these during a flight the sensors will stop the drone moving forward.
  2. DJI Geofenced areas - check if you are flying near / adjacent to any airfield / airport / military NFZ areas - some DJI closed zones can be unlocked - review the link to this video if this is the case; How to Unlock DJI Geofencing Using the GEO System - YouTube
    These are the two issues I have worked through.
    Other members may have some alternative solutions.
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Good stuff! You might also try turning off obstacle avoidance and keeping the camera pointed away from the sun as you start. We have seen 360 panos fail a bit lately and a couple of restarts usually gets it but there is definitely something going around.