mission aborted and drone hovering

in 2 missions the drone (DJI Phantom 4V2) stopped in the middle of the work and did not continue. I had to bring it down and at each take of the mission it always stopped in the same spot. What can it depend on?

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A couple of things you can check quickly;

  1. Trees, aerials, towers in your flight path - if you drone flies towards these during a flight the sensors will stop the drone moving forward.
  2. DJI Geofenced areas - check if you are flying near / adjacent to any airfield / airport / military NFZ areas - some DJI closed zones can be unlocked - review the link to this video if this is the case; How to Unlock DJI Geofencing Using the GEO System - YouTube
    These are the two issues I have worked through.
    Other members may have some alternative solutions.
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Good stuff! You might also try turning off obstacle avoidance and keeping the camera pointed away from the sun as you start. We have seen 360 panos fail a bit lately and a couple of restarts usually gets it but there is definitely something going around.

Same thing happened to me on a job 2/15/2022. Phantom 4 Pro V2 using iPhone 12 as controller.
I was nowhere NEAR an airport, and AirMap said I was good. 250 feet altitude put me WAY above anything else.
Drone flew to Start point and started flight. TOok about a dozen or more photos and the drone abruptly stopped. Acted like it stopped to avoid something, but there was nothing there.
I hit Home and landed. Restarted the flight. I did this same thing 5 times and never got the job done.
Software was up to date. App up to date.
Any thoughts?! Solutions?

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Did it just stop and stay in the exact same place or did it look like it was bouncing off of a bubble? I’ve had this happen when a secondary more restrictive zone was not exactly where it showed on the map. Not that this is what’s happening to you, but just a tidbit that I learned is that if I unlocked from the more restrictive zone I had no problem flying everything.

It stopped and just hovered. It didn’t appear to be trying to go anywhere. I let it hover for 30 seconds or so jut to make sure it wouldn’t start again.
We were not anywhere near any kind of airspace. It was in Glasgow, VA. I am checking all of the updates again, and will do some test flights before I travel back up there to try again. I will also re-orient the flight plan to start at a different corner as some have suggested.


Man, I know that sucks. There have been several reports, mostly on Mavics but I have seen a few Phantoms. The difference in theirs is that they are to even able to take off. Have you tried downloading the logs? Drone deploy itself may have logs but more likely in the drone. You can use DJI assistant to to download them. AirData is a good place to look at them.

Good idea.

Will the logs tell me why the drone stopped while on the DD flight plan?

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Possibly. You should be able to see exactly when it happened but you’ll just have to see if any errors were reported at or just before that time.