Missing Images

The issue can’t be the P4P or P4A, because (on advice giving in another thread about this issue) I just did two test flights with DJI Terra on the same drone (P4A), same controller, same firmware, same SD card that I’ve had the gap issues with all along… and the spacing was FLAWLESS. Not just free of gaps, but free of paired images and generally inconsistent spacing.

The issue is particular to the P4P and GPS-located image positions. Obviously we are two years into when I created this thread and I have tested on every software available. DroneDeploy chose to use a predetermined GPS location for the image trigger which obviously does not work well with the P4P’s configuration. Neither Pix4D Fast Mode or Litchi have these issues and they are both time-based intervals.

I was told that DroneDeploy believed GPS-located was better as it is supposed to create more consistent spacing with regards to wind, but I don’t find this to be the case. All it takes is a few interruptions in GNSS stability and this is what you get. This is also why some may experience it happening in approximately the same location on particular maps. I see their point, but if you are flying in wind conditions with such high winds and gusts that the drone can’t compensate and make the image spacing that bad then you probably shouldn’t.

So basically the contention that it’s a P4P problem or a DD problem isn’t technically correct. It’s basically a combination P4P + DD problem and you can fix the problem by changing either the drone (excluding P4) or the software. (Because DD works fine with the Mavic 2 Pro.) At least that is the conclusion I’m drawing at this point.

Pretty much. Until DroneDeploy gives us an option for a time interval timer… Although I will say that a misplaced shot here and there as long as there are not successive or on adjacent rows do not seem to be causing any adverse effects on the maps that we have seen.

UGCS says that the DJI P4P V2.0 camera is only capable of one image every 3 seconds. I have also experienced these issues. I suspect it possibly has something to do with the manual shutter as opposed to a rolling shutter. Possibly may have a duty cycle as dumb as it sounds.

What gets me is that a 2-second timer on Litchi has no problems.