Missing ICC color profile

I upload my JPGs, taken on a Mavic Pro, to Dronedeploy for processing/stitching. These contain an embedded sRGB color profile. Undoubtedly this helps Derondeploy process and adjust the overlapping images accurately.

However, the resulting processed large JPG has NO embedded color profile. This makes it almost impossible to produce a print of the map with accurate colors i.e. those that I adjust on my color-calibrated screen, and try to print to my color-calibrated high quality printer. I use Lightroom, Photoshop and other programs to do this.

I produce most of my maps for aesthetic photographic reasons, rather than commercial surveys or the like.

I consulted a friend who is both a highly skiled photographer and also a senior delevoper in an image processing company. His take was:

It is entirely reasonable to expect an embedded colour profile in the JPEG returned to you, as otherwise how can you make sense of the pixels? It’s also reasonable to expect any panorama merge software to honour the embedded profiles in the original images, but it’s difficult to see whether this is being done or not. As for the white balance and tonal correction, maybe this should be optional? Some services have an advanced or professional mode which turns this off