Missing Flights / Projects

I´ve made two missions mapping two different places in my site. both with 100% batteris (mavic pro). I´ve come home to upload the pictures and there´s nowhere to upload to.

Both projects are gone, both from ios app and drone deploy website.

I have all the pictures in my SD card.

Best regards
Filipe Soares

Where did you create the plan?

Hi MichaelL, I’ve created with my cellphone (iphone 8).

I’m assuming you have restarted your phone and clear you browser cache (history). If you are using WiFi when at base then try turning it off. Alternately, if you’re not connected to WiFi try it and turn off cellular. I have had a few instances of them hanging in limbo. Probably because of all the different sources of internet I use on a daily basis.

Yes… I’ve tried this first when I could not find the projects. the funny thing is that I’ve created an empty folder at night. I can see that folder, but I can not see the projects I’ve created in the mornig.

I’ve tried dronedeploy website from a different computer and network today, and nothing.

In the end of the mission appeared the message “now you can upload your images”. so the mission was succesful. by some voodoo reason desapeared.