Miss contact with drone in a long mission with obstacles

What if in a certain time of the flight mission (mapping a large area of 32 Hectares), my remote control miss contact with my drone (Mavic Pro)? Will it continue its mission and return to my home point safely?

Can I or should I always keep activated “avoid obstacles”? I wonder because there are several trees on this area which I can’t figure out the highest one. Lets say I set altitude at 80 meters and one of the trees is 90 meters. Will my drone just go higher automatically to avoid this obstacle?

WA Solar

Yes, the drone should continue along the uploaded waypoints. OBS should work up to about 15_20mph. Beyond that it may not react fast enough. flying at that altitude you should be able to easily see any obstacles that could interfere. 90 meters is a gigantic tree!

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Thank you Michaell, but when I take off the drone I believe I can’t change its speed (I mean in a mission planed using Drone Deploy), can I? About the height, I just wanted to show an example, but let’s say I can’t see the tree. Will the Mavic Pro detect this obstacle and fly over it?