Minor UI/UX observations in Beta

This is for the web interface beta that I just noticed.

After testing it I found some small things:

  1. Doesn’t appear to be a reasonable timeout for flight log view (when one isn’t available or maybe corrupted). I left it up for about 10mins and it was still spinning. A timeout value should be provided here to show an error message at some point right?

  2. When starting a new project/plan, there’s no way (within the UI/UX side of things) to cancel that initial plan window: http://imgur.com/a/70v4i

You can hit the back button on your browser but this doesn’t seem to be in line with your overall UI design and flow.

I like the look of it, and the list view is much cleaner than the current version. Overall I enjoy it!


Nobody should really be using this older UI anymore. This isn’t the beta. It is actually the version of DroneDeploy that is 2 years old. I’ve disabled this. Sorry for the confusion.