Mining with large drying beds

G’day folks,
I am hopefully going to be flying a remote mine site with large drying beds every month.
The entire mined area is about 74 hectares
The largest bed is 10hectares.
I am hiring some survey gear to put in some permanent GCPs and to test accuracy of heights of the bed with and without GCPs to see if they are needed in the long term. (using a P4P V2)

Does anyone have any recommendations on the spread of GCPs I should use on this site?
Flight wise, I don’t think a 60m crosshatch pattern is necessary? it would be 4,000 images. How would you flight plan it? I’m think lawnmower at 60m?


What drone/camera are you flying?

My first reaction is that if you are flying anything larger than about 15 acres and are looking for repeatable missions for comparison then you definitely use GCP’s.

Phantom 4 Pro V2

I thought the same. I’m hiring survey equipment now to put in some permanent GCPs on the edge of beds but unfortunately since the bed and pit levels change, it wont be possible to keep ones on the bed.

What do people use as permanent GCPs on dirt?


We use orange Home Depot bucket lids with the center blacked out. It’s already indented. We use enough of them that I bought a palette from this place. They’re actually on sale right now.