Mid Flight disconnect from mission and drone Does Bluetooth interfere?

Hey Everyone,

Drone: Phantom 4 Pro (Latest Firmware and updates)
Monitor: Ipad Mini 4

I’ve been using Drone Deploy for mapping missions for quite a while now. Recently, I’ve been running into an issue where I send the drone out for the mission and about 1/3 of the way through these maps (maps I’ve flown before without issues) It says it’s lost connection, “Pilot must take over to return to home” (Drone is still withing eyesight and not more than a 1/4 mile away.)

I then resume the map a few times and it stops in a similar location for the same reason. I start it over, It stops about 1/2 through for the same reason.

The only thing I can think of that I did, is I put my iPad in airplane mode and turned off the Bluetooth. Then the mission completed.

I’ve never had that issue and am wondering if that is really the problem or is there something I’m missing?

@droneydronester78 I would recommend checking DJI Go for RC and drone firmware updates. It sounds like there may be interference in the area causing the remote controller signal to be lost. You can try moving your physical location. I would also recommend only turning off data when you specifically save a flight for offline use.

Thanks Adam,

These are areas I’ve flown in multiple times without issue. my thought is that the rock pits may have put in some devices for communications that are interfering, but I don’t have access to that info.

I checked the updates on my firmware and apps prior to every flight and there were no updates available.

On one job I did change the physical location, but I still had the same issues.

I have been flying them in airplane mode, trying to cut out any interference. But even as i type this, I recall I received an e-mail during my last flight which obviously means I wasn’t in airplane mode.

It’s just strange all these problems are happening all of a sudden.

I had the same problem, what we figured out is the job site had extremely powerful routers, same frequency as DJI drones. I’m flying Inspire 2. Moved to different location on job site away from interference source and have never had a problem since. I’m now mapping this site twice a month.

If you are flying for the owners you should have a way to communicate with them and find out what exactly is going on. 2.4ghz can easily be overpowered.