MicroStation Scaling/Point Cloud Import

So this is very similar to a previous question that I had for Civil 3D; however, I was able to resolve those issues.

I am having a heck of a time importing the LAS or XYZ point files into vanilla MicroStation without the use of 3-party software https://www.safe.com

I understand that the files that DD provides are in WGS84-LL projection and I want FL84-EF state plane coordinates. Whenever I attach the LAS file and fill in the correct reprojection codes (listed above) if get blank errors. When I do not reproject the file I get an unusable point cloud that is the wrong scale and location.

Any thoughts or “ah ha” moments for me?

Hey @dragonflyAS - I think our next step here is to get in touch with MicroStation support. Could you please send us one of the files you’re working with to support@dronedeploy.com, and we can escalate it from there? Apologies if this is redundant and you’ve done this already. Please let me know.



Any of the output LAS files from my files has the same issue. As we discussed the other day, the issue is with the LAT/LONG/Elevation output format of the LAS files. Speaking to one of your engineers they indicated that there may be an upcoming option to select the output projection of the LAS files. This may solve the problem. Is there a timeline for the release of that feature, or any possible beta testing opportunities for it :slight_smile: