Mesh display on model views

I recall a feature of your model view which allowed a 3D mesh display.
I cant see it available on the trail platform that I’m using.
Can you advise is it still available or has it been dropped?

I assume you’re talking about the textured mesh?

You’re not seeing the “Model” button?

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Can se the model button

But no display mesh option now


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157 Bayview Road Lauderdale

This is what I’m after.

Ok, I thought that might have been what you were talking about, but not many people are familiar with it. That has not been an option since the move away from the SketchFab viewer. Is there any particular reason you want that?

@MichaelL The image you showed here is really good.
Im still struggling with having some blurry corners, hidden spots etc.
good work, even it’s not the topic right now :smiley:

It is not easy getting everything. Even on this one I didn’t get enough coverage on the upper parapet. Those are tough because they are only 4-6 inches wide. I should have sat in the middle of the roof and shot outwards. The main key is getting shots from vantage points thinking about how you would like to look at the model. The one thing that I don’t like about DroneDeploy’s perimeter flight is that it focuses on a single Point Of Interest (POI) in the center of the polygon. Even according to their documentation the best vantage is perpendicular to the face. Most of the time I am flying the site as well which provides a perspective from about 200ft then I do the Enhanced 3D with perimeter only. If I was just focused on the building I would use the Enhanced 3D with perimeter and crosshatch. This does get the faces more perpendicular, but you have to make sure you polygon is offset far enough from the structure to get 4-5 good images. Also another problem with this mode is that when crosshatch is selected it removes the nadir images which are needed to stitch the roof and mechanical equipment on top.

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Yes, see ur point. Sometimes a bit hard to manage to get everything covered. Especially when it’s a larger area. But seems like it’s still working.

The last point is very interesting. I’ve only had flights without these nadir images because I had the crosshatch activated on every flight.
Very good to now. Because till now I took them everything manually.

Cheers :slight_smile:


In my opinion crosshatch is only good for large or very irregular shaped buildings that cannot be captured by a simpler polygon. Though even large buildings could be done with nadir and perimeter only if they would quit using the POI for the perimeter and do more of an Region Of Interest (ROI) that faces perpendicular to the flight line. I still do manual flight of very intricately detailed areas.

I really only use crosshatch when trying to capture a decent 3D model of an entire construction site. It feels like overkill for anything else. Sorry to hijack. :slight_smile:

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