Merging Maps within a Project

Is it possible to merge several maps within the same project?

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Not inside of drone deploy unless you go back and upload all the pictures at the same time. I wouldn’t recommend this though because when you fly on different days you can get different GPS results and the maps may not line up. The preferred method would be to do it in a GIS software like QGIS. It is free and pretty easy to do small tasks like this period all you have to do is basically open the exported ortho with the correct coordinate system set and they will drop right in. I may already have a video for that, but if I don’t I can make one soon.


Thanks Michael. I’d love to see a “how to” video if you have one.

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Here’s a YouTube video showing both bringing in a couple of maps and exporting them back out.

Merging Multiple Maps in QGIS

“Move Map to Project”

You are able to move maps into one project by navigating to ‘Map Details’, then clicking on ‘Merge Map to Project’. From here you can select the project to complete the merge.

“Merge two maps together”

We currently do not have a feature that supports merging two maps together that were captured on different dates. Instead, the workaround will be to upload all the images together in one data set to produce a single map. Please keep in mind the quality of this type of map may decrease due to different overlap settings/lighting/shadows/flying conditions from the different days of data capture.