Menus fail after shuuting down and restarting IOS DD App

App works normally on update or new install, then after shutting it down or rebooting IOS tablet or IPhone 6 DD starts but no menu responds to touch. ONLY after removing it and installing it again does it work for THE FIRST TIME, then fails after that.

Exactly after update to IOS version 2.65.0


IPhone 6 and Ipad Mini 3

To Be Clear, the DD app is NOT crashing. It just does not respond to touch function in menu’s.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with DD support and his Ipad loaded 2.65.0 and acted normally, so I and DD support are at a loss as to why my IPhone and Ipad fail on second launch. As a note, there is NOTHING on my Ipad accept Drone software.

Just for those who are curious about unrelated config info, My P4P has the latest firmware, my controller has the latest firmeware. Neither of those things are even remotely related to this issue but here it is.

This condition occurs on both of my devices whether connected to flight hardware or not.
And yes, both of my devices have cell connectivity.

I am open to answer any other questions that can help to resolve this.

Hi @PeterPan,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. Can you let me know who you were in contact with on our support team? I’d like to touch base with them to see what they’ve tried and suggested to you.

Keep me posted,