Measure tool or upload no go areas

Hi all,

Is it possible to measure a distance when planning a flight?

In the UK you need to keep a distance of 50m from buildings and roads etc. It would be useful if i could measure this when planning a flight so i can avoid these areas.

Even more useful would be if i could upload areas where i can not fly i.e. 50m buffer from buildings.

Or export the flight path so i can measure it in Google Earth etc.

Thanks for any help.

Measuring tools is something I’d like to see, but not for this reason.

The 50m distance you need to comply with during flight is a 50m bubble ie. vertically and horizontally. There’s nothing preventing you flying 50m vertically above a structure not within your control.




Thank you for the response. That was my understanding too, however my PfCO course assessor said it needs to be 50m away from the building horizontally in case the drone crashes it will still land on the building…

Is there any where this is mentioned legally or on the CAA website?

Thank you


You might try planning in Google Earth and export the kml for flying in Drone Deploy.

I stumbled across this after posting…

I think it should fulfill my requirements as i can create the survey area in a GIS package.

Thank you for the response.