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Why area measure is presented in ha when is big area?
I tested to measure and when I’m drawing the area, it shows 4091.55 square metres and after in resume only shows 0.4 ha. I can’t see any more the measure in square metres.

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After it gets to a certain high value it will change to hectares. I suppose the options are square kilometers or hectares. At the moment we show hectares.

I understand. But in hectares we lost precision. Should have the option to see the detail in square meters, because is the SI derived unit of area.

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I had a similar experience and concern regarding the unit of measure for areas. I found it changed to hectares at around 2000 square meters (not sure of the exact figure wasn’t really looking it may have been 1000 sqm) and the smallest unit becomes 0.1 of a hectare.

Given that a hectare is 10,000 square meters this represents 1000 sqm. Which really isn’t accurate enough for construction type estimating.

Would be nice if the units stayed in meters upto a hectare if that’s doable.

FYI I’ve been using the function to measure areas of land to be hydro-seeded it worked well for a small area but the change in units made it not much use for larger areas. Not to mention the area is only measured on the ortho map so it doesn’t provide an accurate figure for sloping surfaces.

I can see hectares being appropriate for agriculture and very large sites but for most construction sites its not really accurate enough.

Anyway still like your product keep up the good work.


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Why Dronedeploy not show in square meters, when the maps area is minor of 1 hectare?

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I am new to DD and super impressed with the underlying tech.
It is so powerful and helpful.

There are some odd usability issues I’m fighting with and this is one.

Has this request been addressed since 2016?
Is there a setting someplace for a more detailed numeric view?

I have an area of 1446 SqMeters being shown as 0.15ha.
This is very silly.
Even one more decimal (0.145ha) would be preferred - but why not just give us the option to keep everything SqMeter.

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Hi Peter, welcome! Unfortunately it has never been addressed and still exists. It appears correctly on an annotation report but onscreen values are still not desirable. Be sure email support as well.

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