Maximum Waypoint Limit (Solved)

Hi, I carried out 3 separate missions today. The first went fine (1200 points). I changed the battery and uploaded the next different mission which was slightly smaller than the first (1068 points) and a warning saying something like “maximum number of waypoints reached, drone will return to home after finished”. It then goes out and returns to home after about 60% complete (battery was at 47%).

I then created a new third mission, slightly smaller again and I get the same warning, and it completes about half of the mission and comes home.

Is the drones memory getting full? How do I empty the memory so the new mission can load fully?

Grid Mission:
80% overlap
60m altitude
Terrain Aware

Phantom 4
Ipad mini 4


ok I realised whats going on. The max waypoints is 99 or 100? (not sure what the number for “points” means). Especially with terrain aware on it uses a lot more waypoints. So I just made much smaller missions and its all good.

Dronedeploy should be handling the max waypoints for you automatically. If you’re seeing an issue with this we will take a look at it.

DroneDeploy doesn’t have a terrain awareness feature. Are you sure that you are using the DroneDeploy app?

o this is awkward, sorry I wasn’t using dronedeploy… got a bit mixed up.


If you want to avoid the 100 waypoint limit, DroneDeploy should handle that for you ;). Terrain following isn’t available yet but we’re working on it.

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