Max data aloud

As I’ve almost completed my one month free trial with seven days left, I tried to upload a 3-D map. I got a notice that stated there was a 500 photo Max. I was only trying to upload 380 photos for a 3-D map. It wouldn’t let me do it. My question is, am I doing something wrong? Will the paid version let me upload more data then I’m trying to upload now? I need to know what my capabilities are going to be If I get started with the paid version of drone deploy.
Any information I can get on the minimum and maximum amount of photos or data that can be uploaded for a 3-D map would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi Derrick,

Here is a breakdown of everything you get with each plan.

As far as the images go, can I ask which browser you were using?

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Safari with Safari with an iMac computer.

Ok, I would try with Chrome or Firefox as they’re the recommended browsers for DD.

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I’ll do that. Thank you for your help.