Mavic Pro w/ DD - Started getting 'PILOT REQUIRED!" GPS Signal Likely Lost warning?

Hello all,

I have been using my Mavic Pro w/ DD for the last 18 months now, and have flew several dozen missions with zero problems.

In the last week I started getting a pop up display warning on the app during the end of an autonomous flight just before it begins the landing sequence I get the message:

‘PILOT REQUIRED! GPS signal likely lost. Drone cannot hold position or return to home automatically. Fly with caution.’

When this message pops-up I still have connection to 10 + satellites, and the drone wont do anything just hover, sometimes it will actually land with the message still persisting.

I have made sure my iphone is update and that I have all the latest firmware, I ever reset compass calibration etc but the message still persists, it seems to only occur though at the end of the flight before DD initiates automatic landing.

Is this a common issue?

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Thanks @LukeEdAllen, there’s literally like 3 other threads already in process.