Mavic Pro RAW files not possible?


The Mavic Pro will not shoot in RAW format when deployed with Drone Deploy. Even after setting the image quality to RAW in DJI GO4, Drone Deploy still captures in JPG.

Is this a bug or is it not possible?

It would be a great benefit to me to capture in RAW, process the images, convert to JPG and then upload to Drone Deploy.

Thanks for any feedback.

Same thing happens with my p4p. I think the DD software will only produce jpegs…

DJI Drones usually capture at a much slower rate in RAW mode so it would cover a smaller area. DD also doesn’t currently support processing RAW imagery.

Thanks for your response @chasemgray.

As for capture, it should be up to the user to decide which format they want. If I want to fly slower and cover a smaller area in RAW for high-quality results, then I should be able to do that. Your software is imposing an unnecessary limitation.

For other users out there experiencing this issue, it seems that Altizure on iOS can record RAW, as long as you set the shot interval to 10 s (

I currently process outside of DD. In the future, it would not be hard for DD to add a RAW to JPG conversion step.

Also, I’m skeptical of that “can be as large as 10 s” in the DJI spec. That was probably written for older platforms.

I just ran some tests with the Mavic in flight, and average write interval for RAW with manual triggering is ~2 seconds.

The Mavic can also shoot bursts of up to 7 photos, which it caches, and then writes sequentially. I would think that the same functionality could be used to acquire a RAW image at one photo location, then write during travel to the next photo location, as long as the interval between photos is greater than 2 s.

New user here. As a photographer by trade I too was disappointed that I could not shoot in RAW in DroneDeploy. I want to batch post prosess images captured with DroneDeploy in Lightroom and create a new set of jpegs before uploading them, making the most out of the individual images before stitching. If it slows down the flight a lot, so be it. I have enough batteries at hand.
I don´t see why this limitation is necessary. Why can´t the user simply be given a warning, e.g. “You must post process images and export to jpeg before uploading”?