Mavic Pro, iOS app, no success yet, advice?

I’m not yet successful with DroneDeploy using a Mavic Pro. Hoping it’s something obvious!

DroneDeploy 2.0.46 running on an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB, all up to date.
DJI Go version 4.1.0
Mavic Pro and Controller running firmware 01.03.0800

I have now attempted 5-6 missions.
The first mission, a one acre test flight, flew perfectly and captured images. I used automatic camera settings. The results were encouraging but I know that better results are possible with manual photo settings. The first mission and all missions prior to today were using the previous version of DD and Mavic firmware version 01.03.0700

Missions 2-6 have resulted in a variety of issues, including:

  • gimbal not pointing down
  • no images taken
  • skipping the last waypoint or two despite enough battery remaining (no RTH warning)
  • not saving the “continue” state of a mission that was not completed
  • not showing the finished state for a mission that was completed (looked like no flight had been performed)
  • battery status not available in DroneDeploy (shows empty battery)

My latest attempt was this morning. I’m trying to map a 20 acre rectangle from 160’ AGL.

  • Edited DroneDeploy flight plan to my desires (including turning off automatic camera settings). Saved.
  • Power cycled my iPhone. Turned off wifi, BT and put phone in do not disturb mode.
  • Opened DJI Go
  • Power cycled the RC
  • Turned on the Mavic Pro
  • All systems go
  • climbed to 160’ AGL
  • set the focus
  • set the ISO and shutter speed to center the histogram
  • switched to manual focus
  • opened DroneDeploy
  • selected my flight plan and initiated the mission
  • mission started, but I noticed right away that no photos were being captured, so I hit the home button to regroup.

I did not “close” the DJI Go app before opening the DroneDeploy app. Perhaps that’s the issue.

Open to suggestions on how to improve my process and capture successfully!


FYI - in the 2.0.46 version, I’ve experienced issues with changing the boundary shape resulting in no change to the flight path. I tried moving, adding and deleting points on the boundary and sometimes got no change to the flight path or non-sensible changes to the flight path. I deleted the plan and started over. Might be related to using an existing or copied plan from an older version as the newly created plan didn’t seem to have the same issue.

Quick Update.

Closing DJI Go after setting the camera settings/focus may have helped. I just retried my latest flight plan. This time the battery indication was available in DroneDeploy and photos were taken. However, the photo indicator in DroneDeploy did not register any photos being taken. The count remained at 0. I was about to abort the mission but noticed the image window was blinking, showing each captured image. I let the mission complete and found 409 images on the SD card.

I did double check to make sure images weren’t captured the previous flight. On that flight, exactly one image was captured and then the camera window froze with that image displayed.


Thanks for all this, glad to see you’ve been making progress too. Quick question: did you format the SD card?

I did format the SD card with DJI Go every time except for this last mission.
That’s how I found the single image from the earlier problematic run today.

Looking forward to seeing how the map comes out.

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ive been using a mavic the last few days without issue. I Open DJI go4 app, get everything ready and logged in etc, then lift it to a 10’ hover. Check all controls and functions are working, have the mavic camera in full auto mode and auto focus and having manually pointed camera straight down initially. . Leave the go 4 app running then switch to the DD app and go through missions start sequence. Press fly and off it goes. The go4 app will disconnect in the background. If you need to return it or take control, I just close DD app and reopen the go4 app, although there is a couple of seconds delay for go4 app to be back up and running.

The latest version of DD really improves performance on Mavic. Hope its working well for you.

all good for me so far. :slight_smile:

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