Mavic Pro Flight Mode

I have a Mavic Pro I want know what Flight Mode I need to put the Mavic in. Do I put the Mavic in Sport Mode? Mavic would not take off in GPS Mode. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I have a mavic pro that I’m using with an iPhone 6. I’m having the same issue DD asks for the mavic to be put in p-mode before flight in the dji go 4app. I do so but with no luck.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

@smhelber Move the switch on the right side of the controller out of Sport Mode ie. down.



Hi @mauimike,

To fly with DroneDeploy, you should be prompted to switch to P-mode. If you need to make manual control of the drone, you can switch to S-mode. Here is some support documentation for initially setting up your DJI drone with the DroneDeploy app for flight automation:

@smhelber, did switching the controller out of Sport Mode help?

@JamesC, great idea to include pictures!


Thanks. I got it to work perfectly!

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So, if I’m returning to home in P mode (Mavic pro) and I encounter a strong headwind, I can switch to sport mode and manually fly the drone home?