Mavic Pro Can't focus

Mavic cannot focus camera during missions since latest updates. Everything is updated to current firmware as of 09/22/2017. In the past I’ve had no problems with focus. I would fly up to mission altitude with GO4 App, point camera down, manually set exposure and focus, then close GO4 App, next open DD app and start mission with no problems. This no longer works. The camera seems to be focusing further away than intended since the corners of the image are closer to being in focus than the center. I’ve also tried running all camera settings in auto. Same results in auto camera settings. I’m aware of the “Automatic Camera Settings” slider in DD and used it accordingly. The focus problem is exactly out of focus in the same way every flight no matter what settings I use. Is DD overriding the focus values I set manually in GO4 and trying to set focus for the intended altitude? Seems telling that it is consistently off by the same focal distance regardless of input.

Please help…

Issue began 09/22/2017

Mavic Pro
Aircraft Version 01.04.000
Remote Controller Version 01.04.000
DJI Go4 App Version 4.1.9
DD version 2.57.0 - 2.57.1
Iphone 7 IOS Version 10.3.3

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