Mavic Pro - All image uploads are failing

Two issues: I’ll make two threads.
I’m a newer user. I’m using v2.0.35 on Android 7.1.1, Nexus6P.
My last two mapping efforts, the files are failing on upload. I’ve tried uploading in Chrome (v56, now v57) and Safari 10.0.3, from my MAC. (Next, is to attempt the same upload from my PC)

I’ve checked the files, they all have GEO info in the meta data. What is causing the images to fail to upload? I just put them on my google drive if someone from DD can check them out and help.

Thanks John

I am having the same issues with Mavic Pro, along with the blurry images issue (which I am getting around by pre-focusing at mapping altitude before the mapping mission). When I try to upload, I get “0 images with valid geographical metadata found. A minimum of 5 images is required.”

Interestingly, my images do not contain any GPS data. DJI forum posts seem to suggest that this is a Mavic-side issue.

Mavic should be getting geotagged photos. Are you sure it’s up to date?

Are you on iOS? The mavic should be focusing properly with the last few releases. This is now 2.0.37.

DroneDeploy is up to date on iOS, but my Mavic firmware is not. The attached iPhone kept failing to download the update—I might have to use a longer cable to get it away from the remote (to deal with wireless interference).