Mavic Pro 2, Camera is twisted, not flying straight


i am doing some mapping flights with my Mavic 2 Pro and i have the problem that the drone is twisted, so it does not fly straight to the direction but in an angle/ diagonal. Sometimes it is 45 degree off.
Pause and continue seems to help a bit, but just for a moment.
Is this a common problem? Any solution?

Thanks für any kind of help!!!

Here is a screenshot from the app. The flight direction ist 90 degree to the photovoltaics lines.

I have only seen a few reports of this happening with the M2P, but there is a consistent issue with some Phantom 4 Pro’s yawing 12-15 degrees off course. They maintain the point to point line just twisted.

I am sure you already did a fresh calibration of everything, but have you tried the sloped gimbal calibration trick? Some users reported that calibration the gimbal while the drone is nose up (about 45 degrees) made this go away, but not permanently.

There is also an IMU calibration trick where you put the drone in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes to cool it way down and then start it up and immediately do the IMU calibration. Not saying that any of this is a direct fix but just some interesting tricks that people have found.

From what I have experienced over the past 10 months it does not seem to be going away. I fear it is firmware related and there is nothing that any flight software provider can do to fix it.

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