Mavic out of focus?


Hi @JamesC,

I enabled focus calibration on your account that should improve the focus settings for future flights. We hope you have a better experience on your next mission! Please keep us posted.



Thank you, although I understood that to be for iOS users? I am currently on Android but considering purchasing an iPad to help resolve the issues.

Thank you again. J.


Hi James,

I apologize for not seeing your response sooner! The focus calibration is now available on Android with the latest app release. We do, however, always encourage users to purchase a Supported iOS device (such as the iPad Pro) for the most reliable experience on our platform.



Hi Stephanie.

Well be on your head if this goes wrong. ;). The iPad Pro 10.5 is ordered.



James, I use mavic pro with android in the latest version. During takeoff it focuses very close to the ground (1 to 2 meters) and when it goes to flight plane height, it is out of focus.

Is there any forecast to correct this?

I can take off using DJI GO, up to the height of the flight plan. Adjust focu and exposure, and landing to switch to dronedeploy. My question is to keep DJI GO in auto focus or manual focus?

When I land to switch to dronedeploy, I will not lose the focus and exposure settings made on the DJI GO?



No. You don’t land to switch to DD. You take off in Go4, rise to the mission height, point the camera down and tap the screen in ‘auto-focus’ mode and then switch to manual focus. Make sure Go4 focus is toggled in DD. If youv’e selected to use manual exposure in Go4 also, make sure that too is toggled in DD. When I fly, Go4 is in manual focus and manual exposure with both toggled as such in DD also.

Once all is set, with drone still hovering at the mission height, shut down Go4 and open up DD. Once connected to the drone, fly the machine. The pics will be on focus.

The only pig is that you have to do this workaround after each battery change and if using Android, you will also need to remember to pull the link cable and clear the cache each time also. It’s crap and is for this reason alone I switched to iOS. Works flawlessly now but we really shouldn’t have to do it and there don’t seem to be any advances being made to rectify it.

Before I switched to iOS, it was a little discerning to pull the link cable and shut down software/clear cache in Android with the drone still hovering way up high, but you need to remember that it’s not the RC link you’re killing, it’s merely the software on you device so really, you still have 100% control of the drone.


I am having the same issue as many others here, but in reading the various threads, I am a little confused - has this issue been resolved in DD software, or do I need to ask for a fix, or do I simply have to go through the manual focus routine described by JamesC above? I have the latest software/firmware, on iOS. About to leave for Mexico to use my Mavic for research, and would love some help!


Hi there. As far as I know an official solution has not yet been released. I doubt it will now to be honest.

With iOS however it’s not that much of a big deal for me anymore. With Android it was horrendous having to pull cables and clear cache etc. Oh my god!

With iOS it’s just a matter of taking a minute at the start of each battery change to focus it again. If manually setting the exposure, it’s only the focus that needs doing and takes seconds. Have been doing it on iOS for three straight months with an average of four batteries per mission, two missions per week since.

Good luck in Mexico and don’t hesitate to send me a pm if you need any help. Just remember to pack your batteries in your hand luggage in the fire-proof cases before boarding the plane. You don’t want them getting confiscated.


Thanks James - you are very kind!

I will be driving all the way down to my field site, so thankfully I dont have to worry about the batteries (except the fact that it will be crazy hot down there!).

Thanks - I will update when I have flown a mission there!



Hi James,

If this is still available I would much appricate it. Did a very large map (250 acres) today with many battery swaps and had to re-focus after each one in the DJI Go App. One one I forgot and captures 129 pics before I notices on the screen. No real issue as I just went back and re flew the mission from that waypoint but if there is the possibility to do auto focus it would be great


Hi Mike!

I’ve enabled for you and everyone else now.




Thanks James

Is there anything I need to change in the settings or will the Mavic just focus when the set altitude is reached?



It will be automatic. You will see a message on screen “Calibrating camera focus” once the drone reaches flight altitude.


Thanks James - really appricate the support.


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Forgive me, focusing a Mavic is now automatic?

Please can you provide a step by step instruction of how this achieved?

Thanks. James.


That’s right James,

The drone will take off, fly to altitude, point the camera down, focus the camera, then fix the focus before continuing with the mission.



That’s good news James, although I now ask why more of a deal hasn’t been made of the breakthrough. This fix has been a long time coming and I don’t recall any announcement being made. I, along with others have been running a workaround for a year and I’ve never been corrected when guiding others how to make the most of it.

Presumably it makes sense to carry on focussing the first battery as it also gives me the opportunity to set the exposure etc, in Go4 but every subequent battery change thereafter can be done automatically as you set out?

Thanks, J.


Hi James,

Sorry I missed your message.

Personally I would let DD focus for me on both batteries now, as I don’t generally set all the other exposure settings in DJI Go. Have you had success since this message with focus on Mavic?



No problem @Jamespipe.

To be honest I haven’t been brave enough to try it. I have a system that works and not a lot of time to experiment further. Maybe I should give it ago - won’t take long I guess.

That said, I have been using the Progress Report tool with my Mavic and all of the pictures are unfortunately out of focus. Would it be fair to say the two missions use a similar control and if my PR missions are blurry my standard ones would be too if left to go automatic?

In this thread I created, I requested the automatic toggles be added to the Progress Report settings, giving me certainty of the outcome. I don’t suppose you know how that’s coming on, if at all? Is it something DD can add with little effort? I held off last week returning to site but I will need to find an alternative soon if it can’t be done.

Thanks again. J.