Mavic out of focus?


HI @Lgcsimoes,

To verify, are you having issues with a DJI Mavic drone not focusing properly?

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That’s correct, my DJI mavic pro is not focusing properly with DD when I am using the automatic focus option on DD. I would like to try to enable the manual focus option on DD, but I am not sure how to use it.


I was able to get around this by:

  1. Create DD map with “Set Focus Manually in DJI Go” turned on.
  2. At start of mission, I started with DJI Go and flew to altitude (400’ AGL).
  3. Focused, then set focus to manual so it wouldn’t change.
  4. Opened DD, selected mission, and started as normal.

I’m very happy with the results. I did everything in auto last time with my Mavic Pro and got blurry images.


Hi All,

If you are flying with an iOS device and Mavic Pro, and are still having issues with focus, please let us know in reply to this message. I, Christina, or the DD Support team, can enable a new feature on your account that will automatically calibrate the camera focus once the drone reaches mision altitude.

This will be coming soon to Android too, so let me know you want to use the feature, but that you currently have an Android device.




I would be very interested in your solution for Mavic Pro focusing.


Hi Brent, it’s enabled on your account. Let me know how it goes.



Hi James,

I would appreciate if you could enable this feature in my account.

Thank you!



Is there anything special we need to do with the advanced settings in mission planning?



@Lgcsimoes - I’ve enabled on your account.

@Kemper - just make sure “set focus manually in DJI Go” is turned off (by default).



Hi @Kemper, thanks for your advice. I had a couple more test flights today and apparently I am being able to workaround this focus issue. Both times I took off with DJI GO 4 to the target altitude (DD was enabled to manual focus), manually focused and switched to MF, changed app to DD and started the mission. I did not disconnect the RC cable when changing apps.

The first flight was OK, DD took control correctly of the flight.
But on the second flight, DD did not manage to take control of the drone without disconnecting the RC cable. The problem is that, as soon as I disconnected it, the drone started landing. I could only manage to correctly set the second flight after shutting everything off and turning on again.

@Jamespipe, thanks for the workaround! I will try to test it soon and I will let you know.


@Jamespipe - Worked great for me! Had a nice slightly overcast day and everything was sharp. I ended up getting a little more of the jello effect on the image… flew at 300’ in lieu of 400’… not sure what affect that might have.


I’d like to add my name to the list for the test solution from DD. I took a map of 60 acres on 11/23/17 and it came out quite nice. I’ve since taken a map of 7 acres, most recent being yesterday, and both times the images are quite blurry when zoomed in.

I was not able to even start the mission in DD until I turned off the DJI app and rebooted the controller as DD could not connect to the Mavic until the connection was released from the DJI app which I assume is why some of you are pulling the USB cable mid-flight to switch between apps.

I have not tried the manual focus option in DD yet but will do so. I would also love to have the new focus feature mentioned above by @Jamespipe and @Christina enabled for my account.



Hi Russ,

I’ve enabled it on your account. I hope this solves the problem for you.



Hi @Kemper - Took a look at your maps. I think you’d see better results with slightly higher overlap. When you reduced your altitude by 100ft the lack of overlap on the top of those buildings will have been more pronounced.

I wrote an app for this:

Worth bearing in mind that increasing overlap results in more reliable mapping but much longer processing and upload times.



That makes sense. I also had Overlap Optimizer installed but… don’t think I actually used it! Add to that those buildings are probably 75’.


Glad to hear it! I also wrote overlap optimizer and they are based on the same data analysis. For 75ft buildings at 300ft it’s suggesting 79 front, 71 side.


I am having a problem with the stiching on my current flights. I have tried the manual and it is better than it was initially but currently also not using the geotagging of the photos. also is the current solution enabled on my account? I am using 75 and 75 for overlap at 200ft. for buildings



I’m running DD 2.63.0 on Android 8.1.0 (Pixel 2), with a Mavic Pro Platinum. I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to focus using Dji GO4 and also (at different times) using DD. I couldn’t get a consistent result. Can you enable this experimental feature on my account too? or is this only for IOS so far?




Hi @ericderace,

This feature is currently only available for iOS at the moment. We expect it to be available for Android in the next 2-3 weeks. Not ideal, I know, but I can assure you it’s coming. :slight_smile:




Thanks! I’m looking forward to this.