Mavic image count is not working

I have a Phantom 4 Pro and a Mavic. Fly them both on DroneDeploy, but as it is in flight, the image counter is not increasing even though it is capturing the images. In the P4 pro, it is working fine (besides being over exposed and todays flight being under exposed, but I see forums on that already). Both drones are up to date in firmware and the DroneDeploy app is up to date as well. I use the iPad mini for the P4 pro and my iPhone 7+ for the Mavic. But in saying that, I did try using the iPad mini for a mission on the Mavic and it never did count the images.
At least every mission worked out (as far as image captures), but your always wondering if it will complete a mission with out capturing images. Is this a common problem, or this a one off case?

Same thing here. We flew our first dd mission with mavic pro and latest version of Android app on a mobile phone . Everything flew perfectly but no images captured and no visible warnings in app.
We took off 500 m from the start so maybe that is the problem?
Will also try format the SD card in dji go.