Mavic Air Compatibility with DroneDeploy


This will be good. This is exciting though.


Hi I wondering if Is it work now with the Mavic Air and bad geotag ? I



for those who deal with the issue of crippled Latitude/Longitudonal coordinates of Mavic Air:

Processing with Exiftool (latest version, by Phil Harvey) helps in this case.

Use Exiftool with the following command within the folder of the “out of cam” JPGs:

exiftool -n -TagsFromFile @ “-XMP:Latitude>EXIF:GPSLatitude” “-XMP:Longitude>EXIF:GPSLongitude” *.jpg

This processing updates the crippled EXIF coordinates by the XMP coordinates, which are not crippled.

I am not an expert with exiftool, therefore there come up some error notifications. If somebody can still find out how the error notifications can avoided, please share.

But it works, the result: JPGs with EXIF coordinates like Mavic Pro :slight_smile:


Yes there I need DroneDeploy campatible with Mavic Air!


@baser We’ve fixed this issue since then as well :slight_smile:

I saw accuracy increase by 10x


It seems to be: Supported Drones Dafont MapQuest FileHippo


I am hoping that there will be some compatibility.


I here also have the same issue, had I known that there was an incompatible issue with Mavic Air, I absolutely would not have made the purchase.


Do you think this might work for the Spark as well? I guess there is only one way to find out… :slight_smile:


@Adam We are fully compatible with the Mavic Air.


Is there a YouTube video, that I can view for this? Thank you.


Here’s our updated Zero to Hero Series:

More specific instructions on getting your drone flying in the air can be found here:

One little note with the Mavic Air - if it doesn’t connect in DJI Go as well, the controller probably needs to be synced with the drone. Not something you’d have to typically do with other drones


Will you please elaborate on the controller issue? I tried to fly a mission, and everything checked out until I got to the controller. It threw a message stating I need to enable multiple flight modes which I couldn’t find in Go.



Happy to.

Mavic Air Manual

Page 39 for linking.

Multiple flight modes is in ‘Main Controller Settings’. You may need to turn off beginner mode.


I appreciate the quick response. Unfortunately on the Air, there is not an option for multiple flight modes, only intelligent flight mode, which I have enabled. Any other thoughts?


Having same issue, i get to through all of the drone deploy pre flight check lists till an error pop up saying I must enable multiple flight mode.

Cannot find it anyway on the dji go4 app…


Hi guys,

I join to the same cuestion, i can not find the multiple flight mode option for using the mavic air

Thank you!


Are you guys connected to the controller at the same time, or are you only connected using your phone? Last bullet point.

From the manual:


Hi adam,

I am using the controller.


i too am using my controller as you normally do for flights.

switching into S-mode (sports mode) before doing DD pre flight checklist comes with an error also. forget wording of it…