Mavic Air Compatibility with DroneDeploy


Thank you Yasuf, I need to wait then…


I am patiently (well, trying to be) waiting for the DJI Mavic Air SDK to be released so that DroneDeploy (and others) can start supporting the Mavic Air. I have purchased this RPAS as a business tool for use in the agriculture sector and the capability to build orthomosaics is of the utmost importance to me.

Thanks for even planning to support the Mavic Air with DroneDeploy. I am looking forward to great things.




On a similar note, are you folks working to get DroneDeploy updated for the Mavic Pro PLATINUM?




Hi @Wfb,

I don’t have any updates to share at the moment but we keep our Supported Drones page as up to date as possible.



I have purchased a Mavic Air and the DD application is not getting Connected. Please suggest what should I do ?

I am using Nokia 6 Android


They do not support the Mavic Air at this time.
Here is a list of supported drones.


Is DroneDeploy team is working on upgrade of software such that it can use Mavic Air also ?


Is there any date already for the launch for supporting dj mavic air?


Hi @Reynell_Ortega,

We do not have any dates or announcements to share at this time. If and when support is available, our Supported Drones page will be updated.



In addition to the accuracy of GPS, has there been any other problem during the tests? Could I use mavic air with DD assuming this error of GPS accuracy?


Hi @aislanmo,

We cannot guarantee that Mavic Air will work without issue with DroneDeploy at this time and we won’t be able to troubleshoot any issues you may have since we do not officially support the model.



Will DroneDeploy work with the Mavic Air ?


I have purchased the Mavic Air recently and There are lots of features available on this drone that the other models do not have. i.e flight modes, sensors, and portability.

This is a huge disadvantage for DJI Mavic Air that it is not compatibe with DroneDeploy at the moment. I may have not got this model if I knew in advance.

I hope drone deploy team can make the app compatible ASAP.

Best regards


Yes please!!!

I love my Mavic Air but I need DroneDeploy to work with it! Other wise I may need to replace it with another model. I wouldn’t like to do that as the Air is so portable and with many features not easy to find in other models


Hi all,

We don’t have any timeline to share still. We hope to add support once DJI adds SDK support and fixes a couple issues.



SDK is now available for the mavic air. Hopefully you guys can get it rolling on the mavic airs now.


Hi @jsandgren10,

As per our Supported Drones page, there is also an issue with the image geotagging which is causing the Latitude and Longitude to be inaccurate. We’ll continue test the model but we still don’t have a firm date of when we will support the Mavic Air. Stay tuned for updates…



Yes I did read that. What sort of issue is it on the geotagging? Not enough precision? just figured at least with the SDK available now it’s getting closer to being compatible.


Hi @jsandgren10,

I don’t have any exact details to share other than the latitude and longitude coordinates aren’t as accurate as they should be. These are pretty important when it comes to maps and we don’t want to release support for something that isn’t up to our own expectations and standards. :slight_smile:



Not only users are loosing money.

Does DJI’s shareholders really know how much money are the loosing too?

We need quick solution.