Mavic Air 2 Beta (iOS Only)

Thanks MichaelL for telling the information.

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I am currently running this version of the DJI Fly app on my NOKIA 6 TA-1033 phone, DJI Fly v1.2.1 (898-googleplay).

I have not had any of the major issues that others have been having, i did initially get a message pop up warning of interference before i took off when testing down near my mum’s house but it was literally that quick i had to go and view it in my flight data center to see what the message actually was, my message did not did not stay there as others have reported though.

I am going to try in the next day or two with the weather permitting trying it out more extensively where i live as i have got industrial buildings and the like on one side and nothing but open farmers fields and wood’s on the other side so it will be intresting to see how and what may happen.

I also use AZ Screen Recorder, although i do not use it that often as i have found that it can lag out my live video feed in the controller, although, i am also thinking of trying to get one of the phones in DJI’s " Compatible List " that has got a lot more RAM and more Storage on the internal, only if i can find one cheap enough though as i am not in any chance going out and spending or laying down £800 on one, hell, i could get a Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo for that price lol.

This is a DroneDeploy iOS only beta.