Mavic Air 2 Beta (iOS Only)


I’m a happy user of DroneDeploy on a Skydio 2. I want to try DroneDeploy with my Mavic Air 2. I have a controller and iPhone. I get the following message

Preflight Checks
Invalid remote controller
If you recently updated your firmware Check “Multiple Flight Mode” is on in DJI Go.

It IS a new controller. I also use a Smart Controller. I use DJI Fly, not Go. I don’t see anything about “Multiple Flight Mode.”

Any suggestions?


Thanks for this report @DavePinella. I have modified the topic a little so that we can start using this thread for all things testing and hopefully some good experiences. The more success we have with this implementation the sooner I can get our Air 2S onboard. @Andrew_Fraser, who is a good point of contact to keep aware of this thread. Obviously users aren’t really part of beta testing anymore so hopefully this will help.

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I guess I’m curious if ANYBODY is using DroneDeploy with a Mavic Air 2. I searched the internet and there is a lot of “not yet” but mostly those were dated a year or more ago.

Anybody using DroneDeploy with a Mavic Air 2?

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There is an official beta and I know there are a couple running, including DroneDeploy but there hasn’t been much chatter. Hopefully we can get some updates from one of their folks if we keep this thread going.

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Thanks. I’d love to try it.

@Andrew_Fraser Who do people need to contact to be in the Air 2 beta?

Hi @DavePinella, are you using DJI Smart Controller with your Mavic Air 2? Currently, all non-free customers are included in the beta and are able to fly with a Mavic Air 2.

Hi Marissa,

I have the DJI Smart Controller AND the regular DJI Controller that I use with an iPhone/iPad.

Is the Beta available on both? How would I get it?


Dave P

I think what she eluded to there is that it is currently only for paid customers.

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I am a paying customer.

Dave P

You should be good to go then. When planning on a web browser make sure to change the planning camera in advanced settings to Mavic Air 2. Once you get in the field and connect it should recognize it and finalize the mission.

I’ll give it a go probably tomorrow.

Oh. Just to be clear. IOS should be good for beta?

No special beta that I have to download?

Seems I did try with the proper camera specified and I could not connect but I’ll try it again.

Hello Everyone,

I was referred Drone Deploy to create 2D orthomosaics and 3D models. I have a DJI Mavic Air 2. Aircraft firmware 01.01.0720. RC firmware 04.11.0032 . DroneDeploy is on Android 12. I should have the latest version of drone deploy since it was downloaded yesterday from the google playstore.

I created a test mission/project within DroneDeploy but the preflight check for the camera failed (photo attached.) IF I chose to bypass it, and choose fly, I then received an error to execute (another photo attached of this error.) Is there something obvious that I am missing? Or is DroneDeploy just not the right fit for my DJI model?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hello Mak,

I started this thread. I have a Mavic Air 2. I got DroneDeploy to connect successfully but then I had a day of 40 knot winds and pretty heavy rain today. I hope to fly a mission on Friday, tomorrow. It will be cold but I want to fly some missions. I’ll report back here with success or failure,

Dave P

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We just chatted and I missed the part where he called out Android and we know that it is iOS only. I will edit the title to make it a little clearer.

Hello Dave,

Much appreciated. :+1:


Ah. Good catch.

Dave P

DroneDeploy (iOS) beta worked will on several missions with my Mavic Air 2. One thing was interesting but not an issue. A couple times on a high speed get to start point or come home when done segments the Mavic stopped suddenly and then continued abruptly. Like popping the clutch. I thought I might be losing a propeller. :grin: On the photo flight paths all was well though. I’m happy.

Dave P


I’ve seen similar bucking with other drones but not on DroneDeploy. Ours ended up being in the code for the turning behaviour where it was not giving enough of a buffer to when that point was considered achieved so it was just twitch around until it felt like it hit the point and then would jump to mission speed. It sounds like yours is throwing on the brakes when it gets there and has no curve to the throttle when it gets back on it.

The adoption of the MA2 is in coordination with Dronelink so I don’t know exactly how waypoints are being handled. They could have figured out some type of hybrid. Choppy turns/curves are a known issue with joystick waypoints because it is 100% dependent on a solid connection to the RC. When the signal stutters so does the drone.