Mavic 3E RTK with Dronedeploy not connecting to RTK network

Keep in mind that data connections and radio signal have a lot to do with RTK connections on drones as well. If you have a high latency or jitter you will likely experience problems above and beyond satellite health, multipath and ionospheric interference.

A few things to think about,

  1. What is my network speed?
  2. What is my latency (ping) and jitter? (You can obtain these at
  3. Did you have at least 5-7 satellites on all constellations?
  4. Were any of the constellations bouncing?
  5. What are my standard deviations?

Unfortunately Pilot 2 doesn’t supply SnR, HDOP or PDOP values which are actually the most useful when troubleshooting problems obtaining a fix so there’s only so much you can do. The other thing I have requested on the drone side is the ability to cut dirty constellations. Beidou and GLONASS are documented to have trouble in our area at times but unfortunately without those other statistics there is no way to tell if that is actually a problem on a drone.