Mavic 3e 360 Spherical Panoramas

This is probably already on your radar, but just in case.

I have been running automated missions requiring 360 Panos, since this feature is lacking, I have to switch apps and manually fly to location to grab these which gets tedious fast.

Please add capability to automate 360 Panos on the Mavic 3e.


I actually got off a chat with DD and yes Corridor and other media plans are being worked on.

Awesome! That with mission planning will make this drone a real beast!

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I forgot to mention video plans also! Just finished some work and boy is it tedious to switch drones from mavic 3e to mavic 2 pro every job to do a 360pano and video plan ;/

Personally I’d prefer not to run it unless it is for cm-level mapping. I run the Air 2S for general media.

I purchased the Mavic 3e because I want to achieve fast mapping and long battery life. The additional accuracy is also a plus, but the price of the drone is low enough that there is no reason to avoid using it just to lower drone hours. The Mavic 3e body is most likely still under 2k. I loose almost as much time and mental energy from switching drones than I save from the faster mission speed. I really need to know what is in the roadmap for this drone. :confused:

Also the Mavic 2 pro’s are approaching EOL due to Remote ID laws and I do no wish to buy another type of drone like the Air 2s just to do automated video and 360panos which the Mavic 3e should be able to handle without any problems!

In my situation I cannot 1) afford to pay $2k out of my pocket and 2) definitely cannot go without a cm-level mapper for a week or longer. I make 5-10 maps per week and it literally take 3 minutes to setup the Air 2S to capture videos, standard aerials and panos.

In my situation, I have 2x Mavic 2 pro’s (For redundancy) that I wish to sell but must hold on to until the Mavic 3e support is comprehensive (Autonomous Video plans, and 360 Panos so I can complete all of my required missions from clients). The Mavic 2 pros will soon be illegal to fly after RemoteID laws come into affect unless DJI changes course and adds the compatibility to older EOL units (highly unlikely). The Air 2s is OK with RemoteID, but I would rather spend less money on a second Mavic 3e drone body, than invest in another second ecosystem (redundant drones and battery’s, chargers etcetera). A complete Air 2s system is still quite costly for someone who does not already own it.

That makes great sense if you don’t already have a secondary. Hopefully modular RiD will become available for the smaller drones. I will probably end up getting a backup M3E at some point but just having just started my own business it may be a few months.

The Mavic 2 pros will not be illegal to fly after RID operator regulations go into effect in Sep 2023, unless they do not have an add on RID module attached. Granted with add on modules you would be limited to VLOS based missions (e.g. like you are now). Watch for more add on modules to appear on the market that are smaller, lighter, affordable vs the initial e.g. poc early adopter versions currently present.

We will see. I personally am not a fan of having a Velcro’ed/Dual-locked tumor on my drone affecting the aerodynamics and balance. But if small enough and secure enough maybe.

Should be along the lines of having something like a Firehouse strobe attached, have yet to see or notice any aerodynamic or balance impact in over 1000s of flights. Otoh, get the wrong size, something too big or heavy vs. one designed for that size/category of aircraft would be a different story.

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Last DroneTag I saw was 2 x 1 x 0.5in. If we can hang a full PPK kit on a Phantom 4 with little to no affect then it should be a problem.

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Yup and take it with a grain or two of salt, think of the dronetag devices as post POC, just beyond beta or at best V1.0 with better, smaller, lighter, more cheaper variants in the wings including from other providers. Not all that different with how for example external lights/strobe have evolved. Re P4, yup, had a bracket where a gopro max 360 could be hung behind regular camera with good balance and flew like a champ.

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