Mavic 2 Zoom - running DroneDeploy?

Summary of Issue:
Mavic 2 Zoom isn’t connecting to the app. Is running the update to receive this new drone whit the same funcionalities?
Date Issue Began:
Drone Model:
Mavic 2 Pro zoom
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iOS iPhone X 11.4
DroneDeploy App Version:

Hi @davileite,

Unfortunately, we currently do not yet support the Mavic 2 with the DroneDeploy flight app. We are testing for compatibility internally but it can take up to three months before our flight app is fully compatible with the latest drones.

We encourage you to use one of our Supported Drones listed on our official page in the meantime.


Ok. Could you cancel my free trial period? Suspending my account to use when this available…

Great news! We are expecting to release support of the Mavic 2 in the next coming weeks. You are welcome to reach out to us again when it’s supported and we can restart your trial period with us then. We’re eager to get you flying with DroneDeploy soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!!

Woop woop! I was getting scared when I saw a statement from what I thought was a Drone Deploy rep stating they had no idea when or IF the M2 would be supported.

What’s the best way to find out when the Mavic 2 Zoom support has been added? Just periodically search the forums?

Hi @Shade4, you will see it in the app release notes on iTunes. I recommend setting your DroneDeploy app to automatically update when a new iteration is released. :slight_smile:

Mavic 2 is supposed to be supported now but I can’t get it to work. Still keeps saying that I need to connect to the drone…

@RobArthurMedia I’m having the same issue. Tried on iPhone X and iPad Air 2 and it says drone connected and then waiting for drone- doesn’t provide the option to initiate flight.

I deleted the app and then re-installed and it looks like it may have worked as I am now getting the flight button but I haven’t had a chance to go out and test it. Give that a shot.

I’m using DD with my Mavic 2 but the camera view on my screen is black. Is anyone else having this issue? Latest firmware etc all the way around. I’m using an iPad Mini.

@SWscanning Which iPad Mini are you using? The Mini 4 is our only supported iPad Mini. We do find it’s the most unreliable iOS device. I would recommend uninstalling/reinstalling DD/DJI Go, power cycling the drone, connecting to DJI Go, waiting for ‘Ready - GPS’, hard quitting DJI Go, and then opening up DD.

I see you mentioned Google Play. In the announcement on the “Mavic 2 Pro Compatibility” thread it only said iOS…

Good catch! Sorry for the confusion and my mistake communicating here…Mavic 2 Pro support is only available on iOS at this time.