Mavic 2 Pro with iPad 4 Mini

Do I need the iPad 4 Mini with wi-fi + Cellular or just the iPad with wi-fi only, when I fly my Mavic 2 Pro using the DroneDeploy app?

You need a stable internet connection and GPS then you are good to go no matter what you are using wifi or cellular!


You can fly offline with just the wifi, but having service makes life allot easier. You can also hotspot off your phone if you have that capability.

hi I use an iPad Mini 4 and I’ve noticed that when I start recording video or use an intelligent flight mode (such as point of interest) and especially when doing both, I get incredible lag on my iPad. Between 2 and 6 seconds between inputs on the controls being reflected in the video feed. Put from the controller still seems to be immediately reflected in the actual flight.

I’ve tried two different iPads. I’ve updated the app and firmware but the problem persists.

What am I doing wrong? Everything I’ve seen here and other places has people praising the iPad Mini 4.

Have you tested a full size iPad?

How warm are they getting? I know this time of year can heat them up pretty quick, depending on where you are.

Well, an iPhone comes with gps as standard while you need to use an iPad with cellular ability to have gps. You don’t have to put a sim in the cellular iPad, gps will still work and the controllers position should be available on the Go4 map. Without gps you would not be able to update homepoint.

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I hope my answer was helpful for the community.


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The guy at the Best Buy store told me the iPhone did a better job supporting the Mavic 2 Pro remote than the iPad Mini 4 because of better handling of GPS signals. Did he know what he was talking about? I would like a larger screen and more battery time than my iPhone X.

From Best Buy? I doubt they keep up with DJI and mapping software recommendations. The GPS of the mobile device has little to do with it especially if you have cell data. The only thing I could think of is the probability that it was. A newer device. Was it an up-sell? I never had any issues with the iPM 4 except for heat which I still experienced with the 6th gen 9.7. Moved on to the 7th and will see next summer.