Mavic 2 pro running dji go and dronedeploy apps on android simultaneously?

I have begun running missions with the mavic 2 pro using dronedeploy, but I have a couple major issues. I can only get dronedeploy to detect the drone is I dont connect to it with dgi go, and vice versa. Is there any way to operate both apps simultaneously?

Another issue is that I get a camera warning when uploading the flight plan to the drone which recommends that I turn the drone off and on again. Doing so does not fix the issue, but I can continue and it seems to function properly.

Additional information. It is quite a tricky sequence of events to successfully fly using dronedeploy on android right now. I have to adjust all of my settings in dji go, such as making sure autofocus is enabled, the. Reconnect and start over to connect to drone deploy,.

If DroneDeploy’s website is up-to-date, they don’t yet support the Mavic 2 for Android.
You don’t want to run both apps simultaneously.
You run one or the other, but not both.

It is far more convenient when you can run both at once like you can with ipad.

Hi guys! We don’t yet support the Mavic 2 on Android. There are SDK/firmware issues that DJI needs to work out.

But, over on iOS, we’ve been finding that if there are video/connection problems that unplugging and replugging the USB cable to force DroneDeploy to have USB control often fixes it.

As @Meta4 said, it is preferable to only be using 1 app at a time, even on iOS.

Interesting. I flew 133 acres with it and it processed well haha. I guess I should be careful