Mavic 2 Pro Image GPS location discontinuous


I am aware that the Mavic 2 Pro isn’t officially supported yet, but I have flown two mapping jobs with it using drone deploy, and I only have one major issue. My images load into Pix4Dmapper in dijoint groups. It seems like it works perfectly until a well defined latitude or longitude, and then it just jumps, and all the shots after that are offset. The example below is one I just did. Had I flown further east-west, it also jumps east and west.

Pix4Dmapper is handling it and overriding the GPS locations, but it only catches the issues on its second matching pass, and it is likely to cause accuracy issues. Any ideas?


I have the same issue. And it failed to process. Also, on another map, with 1 battery change the altitudes were positive AND negative, meaning the tagging of the images put the drone under the map. (Pix4D was able to process that one).


Check the properties of the raw image files. My gps data was correct. It was pix4d that was blowing it. Ive read some post that mentioned a simple math error in the location conversion from dms to dd coordinates. It should get fixed soon. Until then, ive had no issues with processing the data anyway. Use a 70 to 75% sidelap. It may need the extra confidence to override gps location. I always run at least 70% sidelap


The reason that the Mavic 2 isn’t supported is that it’s giving garbage numbers in the exif data for each image.
Until DJI get around to fixing that, you can’t expect it to work smoothly.


As far as I can tell, the raw images have correct gps data, and pix4dmapper is screwing it up. Do you have a link to official confirmation that it is the drone?

Edit: I just checked the gps data on my raw images from a recent flight, plugged them into google earth, and they are exactly where they should be, yet when I import them into pix4dmapper, they are like a mile south. It isn’t the drone.


You sure Px4D is using the right EPSG and scale factor?