Mavic 2 Pro falling out of the sky!

Hey guys.
I recently did a flight at a dairy farm for measuring feed lots. I started the go4 app and had a baramoter warning and an IMU warning. I relcalibrated everything and took to flight. It ran good for 3 minutes then started losing altitude. Before I knew it, it went from 150 feet to the top of a feed pile and landed upside down. I replaced the props and tried to refly the next day at a more familiar location. This time I noticed it was starting to lose altitude again so I tried to RTH and just about everything else, but was unresponsive. The drone fell from about 80 feet after the initial 150 feet, straight to the concrete. Why is this happening?

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It sounds like a hardware (barometer) problem. Are you able to fly it normally in DJI GO4 or do you see the same issue.

I flew it normally for a little bit, then it started to give me the warning again.

Is it perhaps under warranty? It sounds like it may need repaired, unfortunately.

It should be. I bought it in September. I sent it to DJI last week.

They should take care of it for you. Typically, they replace the craft with a new one. Let us know how it goes.

Sure will. I didn’t have care refresh on it so that’s my worry. I ordered a new one because I need a backup and I was sure to get the care refresh.

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Update: DJI repaired the drone for free under warranty but they could not give me a specific answer on what caused the issue.


Excellent. I suspect it is a new drone which you can verify by checking the serial #.