Mavic 2 Pro Controller Options

Appears the best solution to my DJI Go4 and DroneDeploy apps issues is to switch from my Android to a supported iOS device. Not enthused about switching to Apple.

Question: Are pilots using and happy with the standard Mavic 2 Pro DJI controller coupled with a supported iOS device? Is anyone using the DJI Cendence and Krystal Sky, or Smart Controller? Cost of these products seems a bit prohibited when compared to the cost to the Mavic drone.

Also, my understanding is DroneDeploy app is NOT compatible with either the DJI Smart Controller or DJI Cendence. This leaves me with the easiest solution of using a supported iOS device with my DJI Standard Controller to capture aerial imagery and create orthomosaics within DroneDeploy.

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You are correct about the Smart Controller and Crystal Sky but you can use the Cendance just not with a M2P as it has a different radio protocol. Obviously you can get a bracket for a larger device on the stock controller but it might not be a comfortable hold on long flights.

But the DroneDeploy app can be installed on the DJI Cendance?

Thank you very much!

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On the mobile device fitted to the Cendance per the link above.

I see. Again, thank you very much.

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