Mavic 2 Entreprise Dual


Hi, Can we expect to map with the Mavic 2 Entreprise Dual? Thanks.


I would like to see support for the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.
I understand the 120x80 thermal resolution is not high enough to get a good stitch. But if a RGB and Thermal picture can be taken at the same time then the RGB images can be stitched together and then the thermal images overlaid.


That is such a low resolution that to scale it to a 4K image you would only get about 30 or so blocks of color. Too pixelated to be useful on anything I can think of. You?


That is a good point.
The application I would use it in, is looking at the temperature variation across a large row crop field (80+acres) for irrigation purposes. Instead of going up to 400ft to get just a portion of the field in the thermal image, I could fly at 150ft. I think this would get me a higher resolution map of the whole field.