Mavic 2 Entreprise Dual

Hi, Can we expect to map with the Mavic 2 Entreprise Dual? Thanks.

I would like to see support for the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.
I understand the 120x80 thermal resolution is not high enough to get a good stitch. But if a RGB and Thermal picture can be taken at the same time then the RGB images can be stitched together and then the thermal images overlaid.

That is such a low resolution that to scale it to a 4K image you would only get about 30 or so blocks of color. Too pixelated to be useful on anything I can think of. You?

That is a good point.
The application I would use it in, is looking at the temperature variation across a large row crop field (80+acres) for irrigation purposes. Instead of going up to 400ft to get just a portion of the field in the thermal image, I could fly at 150ft. I think this would get me a higher resolution map of the whole field.

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I would like support for my M2E Dual; I do inspections of communication towers and need to know if euipment is powered on or not. I will fly close to the object, that will compensate for the low resolution.

I also do roof inspections to find bad insulation; Flying lower will compensate for the low resolution.


You meant 160X120 I suppose?

Is 640 X 480 to low of image size to map with? Will it stitch at all? The Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual thermal camera is a sensor resolution of 160X120 but it saves a picture in 640X480 image size with an outline from the RGB camera with more details. So can we not try to make this work? So if not what is the lowest image size that will work? Just some ideas.

It depends whether or not the thermal camera is radiometric and can maintain a static temperature setting so that all the images are relative.

I have been reading several times that the Thermal Camera on the M2ED was actually radiometric.

A good article on thermal mapping.

Any update on whether Mavic 2 Dual will be drone deploy supported soon?

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