Matrice 600 Pro w/ZenMuse X5R- In-Flight PIP Camera View shows black screen

In flight during a mission the PIP camera view only shows a black screen.

Feb 1, 13-14, 2018
Jan 31, 2018

Matrice 600 Pro with ZenMuse X5R

Apple iPad 2017 with iOS 11.2.5

DroneDeploy 4.2.6

We have been told that the DroneDeploy App is NOT compatible with the Matrice 600 Pro but it does work, the missions fly and the picture/data are recorded. The maps produced are normal.

It seems that just the in flight PIP view is not functioning. Quite the scare when using our brand new Matrice!

Hi @paidrebooter,

That is quite terrifying! Since you are aware that the Matrice 600 Pro is not officially supported for use with DroneDeploy, there is no guarantee that your setup should or will work as intended. We cannot troubleshoot or provide solutions for devices we don’t officially support since we do not test them.