Matrice 600 Pro Batteries

Battery related question regarding the Matrice 600 Pro batteries. We purchased several sets of batteries for our Matrice 600 Pro almost 2 years ago. Recently we have experienced batteries swelling during flight. Once they cool down they become somewhat spongy. When running a health test they show to be between 100% and 89%. Should these batteries be taken out of service or can they still be used?

I would at least take them out of normal mission operation and keep them in a safe place when charging. Do you have a balance charger? It might tell you when they’re done.

I would contact DJI about that since they know their batteries better than anyone.

I agree with @Gary I would definitely make sure those batteries are safe to use. @FTL

It ’s best to stop using it. My 2s 5200 battery has a similar problem. I did n’t stop using it. As a result, my drone almost crashed.