Matrice 210 not connecting when Slantrange is attached

DroneDeploy is not connecting to my Matrice 210 when a SlantRange is attached. It also does not work when there is no camera attached.
It connects fine when the X4S is attached.
This behaviour has been repeatedly tested, and is consistent: SlantRange = no connect, X4S = connect.

The “Use 3rd Party Cameras” button is on.

It last worked OK when I did a test on 26 July.

Drone is Matrice 210 and Cendence controller, with latest firmware.

Tablet is Nvidia Shield K1, Android version 7.0, Shield software version 5.4(24.29.404.195)
Also tested on Samsung S8 with the same result.

DroneDeploy app version 2.79.0 (freshly reinstalled).

Any advice would be welcomed thanks.

Hi @JoelNewman,

Can you share which SlantRange camera you’re using? We currently only support the 3P (found on Multispectral Imagery for Plant Health).

For your reference, here’s our page of Supported Drones. It features all the hardware we currently officially support. If your setup is not listed here, there is no guarantee that DroneDeploy will or should work without issue.


Hi Christina,
I am using a 3PX, which is the same as a 3P but attaches using the gimbal mount.
But this failure to connect also happens when there is no camera attached. So it’s not a camera specific problem.

FYI I have now installed the dual gimbal mount, and the drone connects fine when I have an X4S and the SlantRange both attached. But this is not an ideal solution as it adds more weight.


Hi @JoelNewman,

Sorry for the delayed response here. I had to escalate your issue to our team for investigation. Once I have info to share I’ll report back.


Hi @JoelNewman,

The Slantrange 3PX is not yet officially supported by DroneDeploy. They did announce the integration and the incoming app on their website, but the readiness described may have been a little premature. We expect 3PX integration with the custom app to be added within approximately a month. If you’re able to fly with your Slantrange camera using an X4S alongside of it, we would encourage you to keep doing so. Are photos being triggered from this workflow, if you wouldn’t mind describing how you’ve been going about this workaround?


Great, thanks for the info Adam. It sounds like their marketing team have got a bit ahead of their programmers - not uncommon in this industry unfortunately!
Yes having both the X4S and the SlantRange 3PX on the dual camera mount does work. The X4S is triggered by DD, and the 3PX is triggered by it’s own internal timer. I’m just working on optimising the front and sidelaps as the two sensors have different field-of-views.

Hi Joel,
I found your forum entry out of April 2018 in the DD forum. I have a similar setup (M210V2 with MicaSense RedEdge dual and X5S alongside). And I have exactly the same questions.

DD will not connect to the RedEdge because that camera has no Skyport and is not supported by DD. In addition, the RedEdge Dual cannot be triggered externally. I thought about to let it do its own thing, photo capture triggered by internal timer) while DD controls the flight and the X5S as a ‘dummy’). The main reason for this is my hope to be able to make use of Terrain awareness provided by DD!!

So, did you find out the best settings for sidelap - set for X5, but meant to word for RedEdge (frontal overlap is calculated by the RedEdge itself).?

Best regards, Uwe