Matrice 100

Will I be able to fly a mapping mission with a Matrice and N1 flight controller, fitted with the X3 camera?

The matrice can be used but it needs to have the dji camera and the dji flight controller.

@agdroneuk Yes you can. We support the N1 and the X3 (virtually the same flight controller and camera as the Inspire).

What sensors can be used with a Matrice100 running N1 with DroneDeploy? Obviously the X3, but would be able to use a Sony QX1 or how about a MicaSense?

Currently only DJI camera. Supporting other sensors will most likely require additional hardware to manage the camera capture / download. However, if you’re able to manage any different camera to take geo tagged photos, we possibly could help you stitch them with DroneDeploy. :slight_smile:

So, if I use a Matrice with a Micasense sensor for example (the RedEdge has built in gps), can I use DroneDeploy to plan and fly the mission? Would I then use your service to process the map post flight?

We are working with the people at mica sense but at the moment they would be the ideal place to process the imagery.

Ok, but what about controlling the Matrice? Will DroneDeploy do this for me?

We can control the matrice. I forgot to see if we have an updated firmware for that. I’ll check.

We sent a message to DJI to ask how we update our firmware with our matrice 100 to get it to work.

Our app will control the M100 fine, but we won’t be able to trigger the Micasesnse without our copilot onboard. We haven’t ported our copilot to DJI yet, so as it currently stands, this won’t be possible.

If you can get the Micasense to trigger itself (with an intervalometer or something), then we could plan the flight of the drone. It will expect the lens model to be that of an X3, so I’m not sure if we’d get the sufficient sidelap - I’d definitely put it on the high-precision mode.

Hi, I have the Android version of Drone Deploy and it states in the Play store that Matrices is not supported. Is this true even though it works for Inspire?

Yes, that’s correct - please do check back for updates on our forum here or on our support page:



Can you please confirm that matrice 100 with x3 or x5 camera is fully compatible to work with drone deploy app? Im interested to buy a matrice for mapping but i have to make sure that dronedeploy app is fully compatible with this drone.

Many Thanks

It should work with the X3 and X5 camera. With the X5 we currently onlly support the default DJI lens but this should change in the near future.


Can you please let me know if the matrice with the Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor( will be compatible with the drone deploy app?


Hi @Stephen_Fick - for now we’re compatible with standard/modified stock cameras only for image capture, but will definitely update everyone on Sequoia compatibility.



Hi again. Thanks for answer anyway im looking for the parrot sequoia too. If it is compatible with matrice i dont know but if it works with the app and matrice is for dire my first choice.
Anyonw knows anything else?

Picking up a new matrice 100 very soon. I have the option to go ios or Android (I need a new tablet anyways). I’m comfortable with both platforms and prefer Android. Does the iOS seem to be working better with less bugs? X3 rgb and x3 nvdi cams will be used.


They should both work pretty well. I think iOS has a better method of connecting. Android uses a standard that still seems a bit buggy, etc. for its USB connections.

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