Matrice 100 spinning issue

Summary of Issue: The Matrice 100 will climb to the programmed altitude and will start flying towards check point 1 while doing small sharp circlular rotations… scares the crap out of me.

Date Issue Began: been going on for a little bit now

**Drone Model:**DJI Matrice 100

Mobile Device Model and OS version: Newest DJI and Apple software

Does this happen if you run a waypoint mission within DJI Go 4? It’d be useful to know so we can rule out whether it’s something on the drone or not.

Ive never tried using the matrice 100 in DJI GO 4 i didnt think it was compatable. The app says only for Spark, P4 series, Mavic and I2.

Hmm. I’d try it out. The matrice 100 is basically an inspire 1 with some extra sensors and slightly different firmware.

Thanks for the feedback. I had no idea the inspire 1 would work with DJI Go 4…