Matrice 100 does not start mission IOS

the problem child is back … :slight_smile:

okay here we go, first of all thanks for all your work.

I have two Matrice’s and both do the same thing.

Android : 1.4.7 Know it does not work but both Matrices go through the check list, take off but never take any pictures. Which I know is okay as it not supported yet.

IOS 9 iPad air via hotspot from note 5.
Mission is loaded fine and test picture is displayed and updated within APP. Both Matrice take off to defined height. Aircraft turns to first waypoint… and hovers there. Video feed or better said pictures are updated while it is hovering.
But the Matrice sit there and does nothing.

I know that the software works fine on an inspire I flew on Monday. On Monday I did discover that the Android software does not work on the Matrice… the Phantom 3 works great thank you.

One things is that if you fly from a mountain ridge and you want to plot the valley… you can not do that as the safety function within your aap will take over.

We tried to plot a vineyard in Napa Vallejo on Monday I was above the plotted area so I selected flight height of 10 meters… your safety functions where displayed and the Phantom 3 just took off. We had to stop the flight and bring back the aircraft. we will do more testing on that,

Any ideas why the Matrice is taking off and never goes to the first way point?

I have tried two different Drone Deploy accounts



Hi Werner,

Let me invite you to the updated Android app that is coming out. You can try it with that. I’m not sure why you’re seeing issues with iOS. It sounds like issues people have seen when their firmware isn’t fully up to date with the most recent. Maybe you can try with the new Android app and let us know how that goes first since I know you prefer Android.